I'm Stefano Biamonti and this is my website with all informations about me.

Where I Live

I live in a small city called Cogoleto near Genoa. In winter we are about 10.000 people, however during summer we usually reach the amout of 15.000. Living near the sea gives me the opportunity to swim a lot and to go on canoa and boat whenever I want. I'd suggest everyone to visit Cogoleto because it is a quite and relaxing place where to live and to pass holidays. Also Cogoleto is the birthplace of Cristoforo Colombo.


Who I Am

I'm 22 years old and I am actually a university student. I got a Bachelor's Degree in Economics at University of Genoa (Italy). I love economics and finance but also I've got skills in marketing. I have a goal-oriented mind and I'm able to think fast and well even under pressure. I'm volounteer for my church as animator for boys and girls between 14 to 18 years old. If you are interested in my Curriculum Vitae please go into "My Work" section".


My Work

Here you can find my Curriclum Vitae (english and italian version) and my thesis (italian version) in Finance "Financial innovation: securitization. Characteristics and effects in the global economy" There is available also a video shooted during the presentation of my thesis (italian version).

Say Hello.

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